Traditional Security over online security

At what cost can you hire the services of a security guard, if you live in the US? If you are looking to hire protective services for your company, on a permanent basis, or short term, for an event, it would be helpful to know what you’re in for, in terms of cost, and what you will get in return.

Having one so for decades, security guards outnumber police officers in the US by almost half, coming in at over one million, to the police officers seven hundred thousand. The average, unarmed security guard is paid between $12.00, and $20.00 per hour, with armed security guards being understandably more expensive, at between $18.00, and $25.00 per hour. This, shockingly, puts them on an average American wage at best, with the pay checks of many coming in well below even that. From the point of view of any organisation looking to hire private security however, this means it is a widely affordable option.

If more highly trained guards are needed, in situations more likely to become dangerous, the cost does go up. If this matches the job description that you’re putting out, you will be liable to pay anything up to $100.00, though guards within this price range will likely only be hireable through a private security agency, who must pay to license, and insure themselves and their guards to work in high threat level environments, and to allow them to detain anyone deemed to be a threat.

In addition to way in which their capabilities affect their cost, the hours for which you hire a guard will also affect their salaries, with hours deemed to be “unsociable”, i.e. night shifts, and public holidays, costing you more, roughly between $30.00, and $50.00, for an unarmed guard.

When deciding what services to go for, there are certain considerations that should first be made. For example, there are advantages to hiring guards through an agency, instead of independent contractors. Agencies, for example, will have their own insurance coverage, in case of any incidents, and will give duties that must be completed by anyone on their payroll, ensuring that you receive a minimum standard of service, both of which are things that would need to be covered by you, should you hire an independent contractor. Agencies will also guarantee a minimum level of training, and equipment quality, and offer the choice of uniformed, or non-uniformed guards, depending on your needs.

Consider how much of a threat you face. Do you really need a security guard, and, if you do, what are the hours you’d need them to work?

Always check that the contractor, or agency you’re interested in a licensed to do the work. If you hire someone who does not have the necessary licensing then, whether they are with an agency or not, you will be liable.

It is definitely true that you get only what you paid for, so consider carefully before making any decision. An agency like EagleForce Security, that asks $180.00 per hour, provides guards who are extremely well trained, and armed, and can almost always handle a situation without calling 911. At $14.00 per hour, a company like WM Security Solutions cannot provide the same level of protection, but are ideal for residential buildings, where threat levels are low, and the most they will likely have to deal with are domestic disputes, and bad neighbours. As I said, you get what you pay for, so make sure to only pay for what you need.